It never ceases to amaze me everytime I meet a new couple and learn about their love and courtship. Couples meet in the most unexpected circumstances. People fall in love when they least expect it. And every love story has a beginning. However, for these two doctors, their story began way before they even knew it themselves.

Daren Chong PhotographyPrewedding by Daren ChongPrewedding in ParisPrewedding in ParisAdrian and Lydia grew up in the same neighbourhood, just streets apart. They walked the same roads, went to the same shops and dined at the same restaurants throughout their growing up days. They even went to the same college and  university. Yet, somehow, they never crossed paths and never knew each other.

Then Adrian left for Russia while Lydia completed her course in Malaysia before leaving for Glasgow for a short elective course. After they came back, they both worked at the same hospital with hundreds of opportunities to bump into each other, yet they never did until they were transferred to the same department.

It was as if they were sheltered from each other throughout their entire lives, and just at the right time and the right circumstances, that Hand that sheltered them, allowed them to meet, and fall in love. Their love story was beautifully re-enacted and produced by Keng’s Cinematography, which debuted as an opening video prior to the start of their wedding reception. Together with Daren from Daren Chong Photography, Adrian and Lydia flew to Paris for their engagement session. These few photos featured are just a handful from the many more beautiful photos shot by Daren Chong. Do check out his blogsite here.

Wedding in ParisWedding in Pariswedding in wine cellarAnd… here is their cinematic love story. Do press play because I promise you… it is worth the sit down (7 mins only at the very max). It will renew your faith in fate.

Coming up in the next post, their BIG day!

[vimeo= w=600&h=300]

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