We know how confusing it can get when it comes to remembering the names of flowers. Thanks to Living Fresh Flower Studio & School, here’s a comprehensive guide to understanding the types of flowers according to colour category.

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What does one do in Kobe, a city known for it’s beef, pastries, sake and pearl? We did exactly that. Ate beef, drank sake, indulged in pastries and checked out pearls. Not exactly in that order.

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Greece is one destination that has always been in my travel bucket list and a wedding destination which I hope to be able to have the opportunity to plan someday (and that someday is not too far in the distant future). While Santorini stands as the top destination wedding location in Greece, there are so many other beautiful locations in this amazing country.

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Nataskia, or Saskia as she is more fondly called amongst family and friends contacted me from Hague a month prior to her wedding date. I liaised with Ivan, the groom over e-mails and Skype for the duration of about a month leading up to the wedding day, including the sourcing and booking of venue, food & beverages to the planning of itinerary, styling and decor. Despite having to travel all the way from Holland, they chose Malaysia as their wedding destination as some of Nataskia’s relatives still reside in Malaysia, and it’s the perfect place (and time) for their friends and family to visit. Carcosa’s Drawing Room was the perfect setting for the dinner of 40, with friends and family who flew in from Holland, France and China. What was supposedly an outdoor occasion had to be moved indoor due to the forecast rain. The cozy and intimate colonial ambience of the Seri Negara mansion turned out to be the better option after all for guests who couldn’t stand the humid and sweltering heat outside.

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Marriage is a lot of work and that is often a lesson many of us don’t fully grasp until it’s too late. While I cannot speak on a subject that I am clearly not an expert in, the brutally honest advice by newly divorced motivational speaker Gerald Rogers is one that should be read by all married couples (not just married men).

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